The Sartorialist

Before you get yourself in a tizzy…I did state that some of the blogs that would be Revue”d” would be obvious  (read the About page if you missed it).

Ironically this is one of my favorite blogs (as with many others), but I noticed I didn’t have it bookmarked, which has since been remedied.

Why the Sartorialist is so Great.
While many fashion sites give you the whose who of the celebrity world and what their wearing and who it’s made by and what it costs, The Sartorialist knows and shows that true fashionistas are on the street-in any city, of any gender, of any color, of any age, of any profession, wearing anything. It doesn’t get bogged down in designer names and what is “in” and what is “out”. Heck it doesn’t even get bogged down with words. Yet on an almost daily basis we are graced with stunning photographic images of how people really look and what we can become, if we choose, if we aren’t there already. What I really love…is I can become deluged in the sublime pleasure of looking at only “Men of Milan” or “Women of New York.” Which ever category I choose.  If you remotely care about what you look like, male, female, or in between, you may want to begin with The Sartorialist. It is inspiration at its best.


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