101 Cookbooks


Why 101 Cookbooks Should be Your On-line Cooking Source

I stumbled on 101 Cookbooks over a year ago. I wish I could say I saw the potential in this unknown “cooking journal” as she calls it (is “cooking journal” code for “blog”). But alas I can’t. Potential I saw, yes, unknown…well not quite. This on-line cooking journal has won awards and been written about in the New York Times and in the  Telegraph.co.uk to name a few, and rightfully so. Ms. Swanson has created such a delectable assortment of healthy vegetarian, good tasting recipes that you want to try them all. How do I know this? Her pictures are magnificient (must be her photographer background) and her recipes are good (based on actually having cooked them for a myself and my fiance a self described “lover of all things meat”).  While Ms. Swanson does not provide recipes on a daily basis she post frequently enough during a week (at least three times) that you will never run out of material. Here is the best part about her site (besides the good tasting recipes, the visual appeal, and constant material…whoa talk about perfectionism) it’s the organization. You can look up any recipe via category (like: soups, drinks, gluten free) or via ingredient. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Which reminds me…dinner is coming up, I’ve got no idea what to cook…I’ll find something from 101 Cookbooks because when it comes to cooking journals this one is one of the best.


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