May December: Melissa Morris

go directly to her blog via the website.

Why You Should Read May December

There used to be a much simpler time in blogging like at the very beginning when no one really knew what a blog was. When the goal was not to make it big and retire off your blog nor become a blogging celebrity. Rather it was a way to share your thoughts and tell people what you were about. May December (the name of Ms. Morris’ blog) reminds me of that time. Has she won the Nobel Peace Prize? No. Is she in movies or on television? No. But neither am I, and I am guessing neither are you. But what is great is Ms. Morris does not pretend to be, and has given no hint that those are her aspirations. Rather she is upfront about who she is. Married (to an formerly most eligible older bachelor), non-working (in the traditional sense), preppy, who gets to go to some of the greatest most exclusive events. Can you search her blog via event or trip? No not really, but it is fully archived. Therefore, choose a month and find out where she was, what she was drinking, and with whom. If you want an almost daily dose of a normal but interesting life, a la the people genre, from a person who seems to love her life. Check out May December – you’ll read it more then those two months.


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