Style Me Pretty

Want a Wedding with Style? Just Say “Style me Pretty” please!

Style Me Pretty LogoI’m in the wedding research business as of late, given my purgatory laden title of “engaged” (which really means: not quite available, but not quite off the market either). Style Me Pretty is my wedding inspiration library of sorts (and the seeds of all my insecurity-but I’ll get to that later). On a daily basis Ms. Larson provides some of the most beautiful pictures of everything wedding (invitations, cakes, dresses, floral arrangements etc.). She does not provide stock photo perfect wedding pictures, but real couple perfect wedding pictures (which naturally lead to my seeds of insecurity). Just when I think I’m about to jump off the cliff, Ms. Larson’s site reminds me not to fret. Its purpose, inspiration…ideas… and creativity as stated in her About section. And since I don’t have the perfect budget Ms. Larson provides me the way out. There is the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) section, and if you go to the Tags link at the very top right of the home page a pop-up will appear with a “Budget” link (among others). What also adds to the pretty pleasing site is Ms. Larson’s sweet commentary, about the spotlighted couple and her obvious predilection for anything having to do with the topic of weddings. So if you’re like me…in purgatory, or dreaming of the day you get asked there…Style Me Pretty will make you want to live your planning days and your wedding day, over and over, and over again (but you should know that that could be good and bad).


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