The Winger

I love being in the Wings

If you love classical dance in any way, shape or form, you’ll love The Winger. It is a collective blog written by professional dancers, choreographers, instructors, and students who tell you everything that’s relevant, or just what is happening in the world of dance. I first heard of this blog on a television commercial of all things. When first on it…it is slightly intimidating. It discusses persons and ballets for example I had never heard of. But I insisted on going back to the site because I love dancers and dancing, and I’m glad I did. Now I see it as an extremely informative way to learn about dancers, certain works, and even the impact of pop culture on what we generally see as sophisticated cultural genre steeped in history and devoid of pop cultural influences. The site also provides relevant photographic images with the posts along with interesting commentary, and a way to search by topic. However be warned, you cannot easily click on, say “June 2008” and get all the applicable posts (it’s not archived that way).  Posts are frequent, but not daily. I’m guessing that is because of all the hard work and long hours these people put in. If you or someone you know is slightly interested in dance, or extremely interested…hang out in the wings.
The Shades II Act Ballet de Santiago


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