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This dish is always good

The first time I saw Andrew Sullivan it was on C-Span (yes, I am one of those people who watch often times boring C-Span). It was a panel discussion regarding politics. Each person on the panel had published a book about, you guessed it, politics. I tuned in because one of my favorite personalities, Arianna Huffington was on the panel. But, I stayed tuned in because of … well Arianna, and…Andrew Sullivan. I had never seen a British homosexual political conservative discuss how the Right has gone so wrong, and that “old skool” (pop culture reference if unaware) conservatism had to stage a coup against the Christian Right. He showed to be smart, savvy and insightful. Therefore, I expected nothing less from his blog…and I was right (no pun intended). It’s a daily dose of smart, very opinionated political analysis (not only from Mr. Sullivan but others too)…and it can appeal to “conservatives” and “liberals” alike. It does not have sophisticated archiving, or incredible glossy pictures, but rather it appeals to the highest of human attributes…intellect. If you want to get a dose of someone else’s views and opinions to maybe solidify or analyze your own, eat the daily dish as served.


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