Chic in Paris 

To be Chic you must read this blog

_MG_5371 The blog Chic in Paris is a new find for me. My affinity for it is bordering on obsessive (not in the creepy way) but in the way that: I wish I got invited to the Paris shows, met and knew all the designers, and purchased some of the most amazing clothing and accessories on earth. I thought my enviable longing for someone else’s life had ceased since I’m well out of my 20’s and that decade of insecurity…but no such luck. Ms. Tabak has unconsciously thrusted me to the past.  She does so with close-up pictures of accessories and runway models wearing dresses that only some of us dream about, as their design precision, tailoring and materials scream “select few only.”  She also has the talent of providing relevant, knowledgeable information about the subject at hand without being too wordy and never being pretentious. Did I mention the personal photos posted with Ms. Tabak, and let’s say, every famous designer on earth. In all seriousness, for the love of fashion read this almost daily blog. Then you’ll realize you don’t have to live in Paris to dress as if you’re Chic in Paris.


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