You’ll want to know what GOOP is.

If you’re in your teens or even 20’s you may have been waiting for me to hit a on popular celebrity who is a blogger. That way you can get the latest scoop on an upcoming tour, who their in a relationship with and where they partied last night and with whom. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed. But if you’re closer to your 40’s than your 20’s

(as I) and you still dig celebs who can actually sing and/or act…and aren’t just a beautiful face,  then you’ll be interested in Ms. Paltrow’s blog Goop. I still have yet to know what Goop means, but I like its message. Ms. Paltrow like many of us is attached with children.  But she still has other interests, and asks the relevant questions and provides equally relevant suggestions that need contemplation for a good life. She has efficiently categorized her blog topics into the following: “Make”; “Go”; “Get”; “Do”; “Be”; and “See”.  Some topic subjects are accompanied by video, and others are accompanied by Ms. Paltrow’s preface, and expanded upon by other celebrities whether they be singers, activists, or health leaders etc… While Ms. Paltrow’s blog is not heavy on visual stimulation (which actually may be the reason for the sites calming effect-and her color choices) and posting frequently(about once per week), it still is very appealing. Why? Because it gives you ideas on having a good life in many different areas of life. She also provides a feature where you can subscribe to her “newsletter” (really a “post” in disguise) to keep abreast of her current musings. Isn’t that really what we want, ideas for a good life sent directly to our e-mail?


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