Beware Wonkette is Wonky,and not for the politically sensitive…but fun to boot

 I fell in love with Wonkette years ago after having read about the founder Ana Marie Cox in Marie Clairemagazine. When I first read this political gossip blog I was aghast at it’s inside information, political timeliness, and its vulgarity. Wonkette was not, under Ms. Cox, and is not, for the faint of heart. If you take offense to anything remotely contradictory or just mean to your political ideals or idols Wonkette will not be for you. If you want to partake in the true absurdity that the political process can be and all those involved then Wonkette will be for you. While pictures and You-Tube video are prevalent on this daily blog…its commentary and inside information is what draws you to it. The very fact that I read Wonkette as many, many others do tells you a lot about me and my fellow readers’ personalities. Check it out and I am sure it will reveal something about you too whether you like it, or not.


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  1. Brian

    I feel far more folks require to read this, quite excellent info.

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