Time’s White House Photo Blog


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

 I have this fascination with government…which is not really based on reality, but rather the West Wing (of which I own the DVDs) and Legally Blond 2: Red, White and Blond (own that too). But when I see the pictures from Time’s White House Photo Blog my fascination with real life politics is peaked. Clearly any Time photographer on the White House beat has to be talented, but you really don’t know the depth of that talent until you see it. The pictures, posted almost daily, are a “day in the life” of the White House. They are artistically composed and yet bring the viewer into the shot, the atmosphere you could say of the particular photographed event. While there is commentary attached, about one sentence worth traditionally, it’s completely unnecessary. The pictures, whether you know what the event photo may be or not, speak a thousand words. The blog itself is not easily navigable, in fact you cannot search a particular subject or event and get the photo for it. However, the White House Photo Blog is still worth viewing, because in our current 24 hour news culture where we are inundated with political words, sometimes all we really want is a pretty picture.


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