Draw Yourself Over Here

So here is the 411. This post will be short. I was an art major in college (history of; sculpture; painting; drawing; etc…), so I love all things art, including…most importantly illustrators. Thankfully, I have found my fix in a blog called Drawn! (don’t you love the grammatical emphasis). Drawn! picture for revueIt is a multi-author inspirational weblog for illustrators, cartoonists, artists ( are not artists illustrators and cartoonists?) and anyone who likes to draw, as indicated in its About section. I like this blog for really only one reason, okay maybe three. The illustrations are superb.  It is like a candy store for the professional, amateur, aspiring, or simply dreaming of being an, artist. I also like the blog for the fact that it is really just a showcase for fabulous artists, naturally with links to their own individual blogs. Okay…and I also love the fact it post daily. A daily fix, that is what I need. While the commentary leaves something to be desired, the rest of the blog does not since it is also searchable by month and categories. So please, please draw yourself in the artistic talent that is present throughout the world, who knows you could be inspired.


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