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Why You Should Like Good Things

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Martha Stewart and friends (from the Martha Stewart blog)

If you like me have been described as Type A (or as my girlfriend calls the two of us “Type “A” with a capital, bolded and underlined) and you have dreams of perfection in all areas of you life even though you fall short most times, but never give up trying then The Martha Blog is for you.  It’s pretty much “Martha: A Day in the Life.” If you really want to know a day in the life of a celebrity, then this is the blog to turn to…it’s foundation is old fashioned web journal with the current technological upgrades of course. The blog has great pictures (with every post), it’s varied in content, the commentary is descriptive but not too wordy, and it posts daily. Furthermore, depending on your interest in Ms. Stewart herself you can pick the subject matter listed to the left of the computer screen, click on it, and get all the related posts. However, if you are looking for household and garden maintenance tips, etc…this is not a how to blog (you can go to her website for that) this is a “What has Martha been up to blog.” If you truly care what she’s been up too or are mildly interested how the rich and famous really live, you’ll think the this blog is “A Good Thing.”


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