The Party Dress

Everyone Should Party in a Dress

the party dress blog image

the party dress blog image

I feel like a blog archaeologists of sorts. When I unearth a new find/blog, I am riveted, amazed, and excited. I also love anything that provides inspiration that feeds into man’s creative, intellectual and academic curiosity. The Party Dress does all of this for me. While in my mind’s eye I like to believe that I am a great creative hostess, and can throw dinner parties with the flavor and grace of Babe Paley and Cornelia Guest, it is not to be. However, I believe with this blog I can be the master of my party, the hostess ingenue. There are various catagories of entertaining inspiration on the blog, such as Parties, Children, Weddings &c., all organized in a nice neat package at the very top of each page. Not only does the siteĀ provide inspiring gorgeous images to aspire to, it also relays descriptive content with links to the various websites for vendors and recipes &c. The blogger extraordinaire of the site (her name I have yet to discover, but will) posts almost on a daily basis. While this is a new blog (you know me, people living in glass houses should not throw stones) it deserves a look. So take a peak up The Party Dress and you will definately get the attention you deserve from the guests.



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3 responses to “The Party Dress

  1. Noa

    Great article! Featured some of my picks for this Party Season on here:

    Noa Xx

  2. Shanna Enwright

    Hi I found your site when i was searching Google for this

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