My Marrakesh

Why I Love to Travel Abroad

I’m at a loss for words, and given my profession that is quite a surprise, about this blog I mean. I stumbled upon it. I read it. I read it some more. I loved it. Then I bookmarked it. My Marrakesh is a weblog about Ms. Maryam

The blogger herself, Ms. Maryam Montague, of My Marrakesh

The blogger herself, Ms. Maryam Montague, of My Marrakesh

Montague’s, an American, life and adventures being an ex-pat in Marrakesh with her husband and two sons. And while you may be asking yourself, why is that interesting…trust me it is. Her commentary about everything from her lost computer files, her son’s rapid maturation, smoking a hookah, and longing for familiar country to live in &c. can either be poetic, comical or simply heart felt and identifiable. And the pictures…the pictures! Some of them will take your breath away, or will take your hand and whip you into Marrakesh and beyond. If you want to find out Ms. Montague’s musings about any particular subject, it’s easy enough to navigate through given the topical categories listed to the left of the site’s page. While I try to recommend blogs in which people post everyday, or nearly…My Marrakesh is somewhat of an exception (frequent posts not daily).  Nonetheless, you should not miss this blog, or Ms. Montague’s About section, because both are worth the flight.



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5 responses to “My Marrakesh

  1. ynotoman

    its a superb blog

  2. I agree, I’ve been reading her blog for a year and it makes my day every time I read it. Great review!!!

  3. I love letting Maryam’s entries pile up to 3 or 4 and then reading them together with my morning coffee. I think I’m learning from her tangentially on how to approach life. She has a strong character and there’s also something very feminine about her, the way she touches things and turns them over in her hand. I’m grateful she does the blog as I haven’t had many creative role models like her in my life.

    • Danielle Shelton

      What lovely insight Nina about the blog. I also like the fact that you pile up the entries and read them together with your morning coffee. I think I may adopt you habit, if you don’t mind. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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