Unemployment is all that it is cracked up to be

UnemployedDad blog image

UnemployedDad blog image

I am always worried that Blog Revue does not appeal to men enough. I have the female demographic down and what appeals to them, but men (like during my dating years) seem illusive and/or hard to figure out. But I believe UnemployedDad has taken me out of my Mars/Venus conundrum. In fact, I sat with my husband by my side as we laughed (out loud) our way through unemployment (so really the site appeals to men and women). UnemployedDad is a blog cartoon strip about…you guessed it an unemployed dad created by Michael Freed. Mr. Freed’s drawings are perfect for this genre. His wit, insight, humor and creativity (catch unemployed dad’s psychiatric session with Lucy of Peanuts fame) are welcoming before, during or after a long day. While, Mr. Freed does not post often some months more then others (which I will ignore due to the fact creativity takes time), most posts are worth the wait. Besides the monthly archive section (isn’t this just a standard, do I need to discuss this anymore?) you can search unemployed dad by most recent cartoon (usually 10 in all). So if you’ve been secretly longing to be fired from your job, first look at UnemployedDad, because either way it may make you get down on your knees and pray for something regarding your job (once you stop laughing).

By the way, UnemployedDad is best for mature audiences due to some content and humor clearly above a child’s head (like the Simpsons). Use discretion.



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5 responses to “UnemployedDad

  1. Awww…blushing! And yes sometimes I struggle with the mature/non-mature content and long term direction around that…

    • Danielle Shelton

      Mature content is the benefit of being an adult, and when it contains really good humor that we can all relate to…even better. My husband and I really do enjoy your blog by the way.

    • Danielle Shelton

      Mike: Blog Revue readers want to know…where are you and your blog and your funny illustrations? Do you have a book coming you soon???

      Danielle (of The Blog Revue)

  2. does anybody know what has happened to unemployeddad? his blog and all its artwork (post Jan 09) have disappeared from the internet. has he got a book coming out?

    • Danielle Shelton

      I don’t know where Mike is and Unemployed Dad? I sent a message to try to find out. I hope it got threw and he replies.


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