Last Night’s Dinner

Last Night's Dinner blog image: Two Spoons

Last Night's Dinner blog image: Spoons

 I Know What they Had for Dinner Last Night, and it Looked Good: but Receipes Usually not Included 

What can I say about food? For starters, it’s present during all momentous occasions, good and bad. It makes you feel good when you have the “mean reds” (as stated by Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s)…which reminds me, it’s referenced in classic movies.  It’s great to eat, and fun to make. More importantly, we have to have it everyday. Because we have to have food every day, it’s easy to get lazy about the time, quality and quantity of our food. However, Last Night’s Dinner reminds us that good food does not have to take a lot of time. Quality of our food does not have to be the sacrificial lamb. The better the food the less quantity of it we need. Ms. Jennifer Hess has created a delightful blog with an refreshing bent, which is simply showcasing good food she and her husband have for dinner. Unlike other food blogs, providing recipes is not a prerequisite to posting on Last Night’s Dinner.

In fact, in her section entitled Where are the Recipes Ms. Hess engenders an refreshing philosophy. Quantities of some ingredients in combinations with others may evoke the Hallelujah Choirs for one, and the bowls of hell for another. Cooking should spark creativity, and not imitation. This philosophy reminds me of what Mr. Lebovitz stated in one of his blog posts, Living the Sweet Life in Paris,  is the main difference between American and French cooking. The French tend not to give so many instructions for measurements &c. in their cookbooks  and instruction as Americans. However, every now and again you can click on one of the beautiful pictures on Ms. Hess’ food blog, be taken to her Flicker page and may catch a recipe there or a link to the dinner inspirer. Ms. Hess’ site as a whole is clean looking, and very easy to navigate. Although she only posts an average of 10 times per month, it’s 10 times better then no times in my book. I have to say that simply from one of Ms. Hess’ posts I was inspired to create my dinner tonight, sans recipe but full on board creativity and inspiration…it’s a wonder what we can think up minus the need to follow the “rules”…which in my experience is often so much better. Therefore, if you want to answer that age old question “what do I want for dinner” see what Ms. Hess had for Last Night’s Dinner.


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