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Dust Jacket Attic blog image

Dust Jacket Attic blog image

Come to Australia with me, the New Fashion Editorial Capital

One day 19 years ago, a young woman, in her junior year of high school told her mother she wanted to go to Parsons School of Design in NYC (for fashion design of course). Her mother, said, “No. Go to a real college and then I’ll support you going to Parsons.” That young woman became a art major and then an attorney, and Parsons never happened. But her love of design and fashion in general never ceased. This is why I L.O.V.E. Dust Jacket Attic. The site has the finest compilation of fashion editorial photography I have seen on the web to date.

Fashion photography and art design is…well…an art. Dust Jacket Attic created by DJ (I have yet to find a formal name, you know how I love formal names) has found some of the most beautiful editorial shots and created a lifestyle through her choices that you cannot help but desire. There is very little commentary on the site. From my research it appears that the blog was created in April of this year (2009). However, none of that matters. DJ, an  Australian, posts almost everyday the most exquisite pictures from the worlds leading fashion magazines (with appropriate credit given to the photographer extraordinaire). While it’s thoroughly impossible to search this site by monthly posts (although you can search by magazine name) and the music embedded in the blog has no means of being turned off (except via your computer’s mute button), it is no matter. The visual imagery is superb…and it makes me want to go to Parsons all over again. Therefore, if you are a fashion photography aficionado or simply curious, take a trip to Australia”s Dust Jacket Attic…the images will set you a bliss.



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6 responses to “Dust Jacket Attic

  1. dustjacket attic

    You have made my day … really, thank you so much for the review on “The Attic”. It was such a wonderful surprise to see.

    You do a great job … now I’m off to read some more of your reviews. I’m thrilled to have found you this way.

    xxx DJ

  2. Her site is on my list of “Must Read Each Day” — true eye candy!

  3. DJ rocks my world every single day! Her blog is a blissful destination!

  4. Her blog is seriously divine. Eye candy galore!

  5. DJ’s blog is one of my favourites.
    I am amazed to see each post, is better than the last.
    Always wonderful to go and visit her.

    It is also great to find your blogrevue and I look forward to reading back through some of your reviews.


  6. Yes, it is just lovely

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