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A Studio (G), the Life’s Blood of  the Landscaper & Horticulturalist

Maybe it’s because Labor Day marks the end of the summer, but I started thinking about my garden, (plants and vegetables) and outdoor living space, and my unrealized, but well intentioned plans. As an incurable optimist I thought I better tune into a blog that could give me inspiration and direction for the garden and backyard despite falls looming arrival. So naturally I turned to Studio G.

Studio G is the brain child of Ms. Rochelle Greayer, a writer and landscape designer by trade. What I find so enjoyable about Ms. Greayer’s blog is its informative quality particularly in the garden section. She has covered and provided native plants for most of the regions of the United States. She provides blue prints and how-to for kitchen gardening, and thoughtful recommendations of vendors for supplies. I’m also jonesing on the visual quality of her pictures whether it be for her Growing, Inspiration, Construction &c. sections. Most importantly, on a twice daily basis, whatever the landscape subject, Ms. Greayer’s commentary provides insight, knowlegde and passion for her chosen profession, and let us not forget realism (in the form of growing much too large and abundant Okra due to her naivete of the vegetable). I simply like Studio G. It’s a place to create for not only Ms. Greayer, but you and I also.


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