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Melanie, the blogger of the Indextrious Reader

Melanie, the blogger of the Indextrious Reader

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting it…so here it goes. I’m a shop alcoholic. Not for clothes, shoes, or handbags (okay, maybe handbags) , but for books. I have stacks of books lining my walls because I have run out of bookshelf space (note to self: hit Ikea for bookshelves). Also I am not a monogamous book reader. I need two or three at a time to make me happy, to feel complete. Given my “addiction” you’ll see why I am in rapture with the Indextrious Reader, a cornucopia of all things books…reviews, adult and children suggestions and author interviews.

The blogger extraordinaire is known by first name only, Melanie, a Canadian librarian and voracious reader. I believe she stated that last year she read 180 + books (remember there is only 365 days in a year). Well, Melanie has taken her passion and has given her readers book suggestions, synopsis, author interviews and reviews. Now the reviews have a tendency to be long, and while they don’t provide the debt of a NY Times Book Review (but who does really) they still have the right combination of synopsis, review of character and plot development along with some difficult words you may need to look up in the dictionary (that’s very NY Times Book Review…at least for me). While the pictures are not stunning, she provides the appropriate cover art for her book selections to provide context and interest. Given Melanie’s need to read she still posts on average every three days (about). If you love to read, and want some new book ideas “check out” the Indextrious Reader, from our Canadian librarian.


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I agree, there are never enough bookshelves to contain the books yet to be read. 🙂

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