Walking off the Big Apple


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Abandoned Shoes: image from Walking off the Big Apple
Abandoned Shoes: image from Walking off the Big Apple

This past Friday I had the pleasure of seeing The September Issue, and while I am a rather considerable fashion and magazine addict, the movie also rekindled my love of NYC (the NYC that I loved and admittedly hated during my college summers of living and working there). Walking off the Big Apple  has done the same. The blog has also reminded me of the  reason why so many people move to NYC and why even more never want to leave it.

Walking off the Big Apple is a guide to…you guessed it… walking NYC. The appeal of Ms. Teri Tynes’ (a NYC resident) blog is it’s real time and residential information. On an every other day average Ms. Tynes takes you on a detailed walking “tour” of local and tourist destinations. Ms. Tynes’ tours provide NYC historical information, maps, very thoughtful descriptions, and up to-date (real time) information (e.g. current local museum exhibitions). What is so appealing about Ms. Tynes’ blog is the fact that her tours allow us to feel as if we are living in NYC. It is not only about walking the Met or 5th Ave. It is also about walking the Garment and Meat Packing Districts, local neighborhoods in the Village &c . While the pictures accompanying each tour vary from okay to very good, it does not matter because that is what the varying parts of the city are. Ms. Tynes has varying interesting topics searches to the left of her blog site. Shel also has the standard Search and monthly archive search function at the upper rght top and botton, respectively, of her blog  page.  Walking off the Big Apple is now my first stop before biting the Big Apple, I only hope you will stop by and take a walk in these neck of the woods too.



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5 responses to “Walking off the Big Apple

  1. Thanks so much! With Walking Off the Big Apple, I’m trying to bring enchantment to the streets of New York by encouraging others to discover special places in the city.

  2. Tom

    Another terrific resource found, by the blog revue!

  3. You have a very good blog. This one is fantastic and I really enjoy viewing this one. I will add this to my favorites.

  4. This is one of my favorite blogs.

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