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The Cerebral Part of  Interior design

Pure Style Home Blog Image

Pure Style Home Blog Image

Over the weekend I had what I call inner pandemonium. It is where I am calm & cool on the outside but inside I’m inpatient, frustrated and overall dissatisfied. What, you may ask ,was causing my inner pandemonium? My house. It’s a 1950’s do that needs some serious interior aesthetic appeal. However, as is my normal course of anything design related be it interior or landscape, I always research the [insert word] out of it before I make a move (which leads me to making no moves at all, unfortunately). So I have found a site that feeds into my need for interior design information (not procrastination…just information), not just in pictures but design concepts and history thus giving me the potential for a Pure Style Home.

What I really like about Ms. Lauren Liess’ blog is the depth of knowledge she presents about design. Ms. Liess not only provides inspiring pictures, but she goes beyond that norm. She identifies and defines design concepts. She places pieces of furniture we see everyday and gives them a historical context (like the round table and King Arthur). Ms. Liess also shares design how-to’s (like creating an aesthetically pleasing mantel) because she is not afraid to share the information. She probably knows, despite the information, most of us wouldn’t do it as well as a professional anyway (that’s my opinion, not her’s). Ms. Liess post frequently each week, just how I like it. Take a trip to a Pure Style Home, you’ll want to visit often.


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