Above the Law


Who Knew Being Above the Law could be so Juicy

Above the Law blog image

Above the Law blog image

Okay so here is my day job, a soon to be retired from full-time basis practice, attorney. If you are in the legal profession you know first hand it’s all a facade. Attorney’s are a crazy lot. At times it is an unbelievable profession (in the good and the bad sense). My good friend and colleague turned me onto Above the Law, which reads like an Okay or People Magazine, because the “law” (and I use that term loosely) is not just for lawyers anymore.

Above the Law is a daily gossipy legal tabloid (as they call it) with multiple editors &c. This is a “first class” entity with as many as 400+ comments for a post. The blog reminds me that although my profession appears serious there is some real hijinks and just overall absurdity that goes on. The non-attorney world would be very interested. While the images aren’t great, the post topics and dish make up for it. So if you want to hear who is Above the Law, check it out.

BTW: Posts not suitable for all ages, or all temperaments please read some with caution.


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  1. dustjacket attic

    Hmmm sounds interesting!

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