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Post of the Day-The Hannibal Blog, Sept. 22, 2009 (

So as you may know, for this blog and for my own personal preference I am always reading other’s blogs. It came to me today..why not have a Post of the Day, occasionally that might appeal to you, the readers of Blog Revue. Now it’s quite possible that the Post of the Day comes from a blog that has not or may never be revue’d here. But that is okay. All that matters is the potential interest factor. Therefore, the first post of the day is…

Mythos and logos: Armstrong v. Dawkins (The Hannibal blog)

The Hannibal blog image

The Hannibal blog image

Essentially the post is God v. Atheism as argued by Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins, scholars, to the question “Where does evolution leave God?” This is an interesting post with mostly intelligent attached comments to it from his readers. But who would expect less from The Hannibal blog creator Andreas Kluth writer for the Economist.


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