This is Glamorous

These Glamorous Things are Beautiful

this is glamorous blog image

this is glamorous blog image

I won’t make this long today except to say everyone should love beautiful things…and especially blogs that showcase beautiful things. Therefore, you should make This is Glamorous one of your favorites. It is a blog were “beautiful things intermingle with fashion, design, art, travel and all things that make up a well-lived life,” and mingle they do. This is Glamorous creates a stylistic mood that entices the reader into desiring or engendering the beautiful things that are presented in each post.  Thus, if this type of emotion is being evoked then you know the pictures have to be good, and they are. The commentary is sparse, and not terribly important to the overall feel and effectiveness of this site that you feel about everyother day. Therefore, go forth…and be glamorous.


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