Interior design, furniture…absurd, and who knew, funny

Moggitt: blog header image

Moggit: blog header image

Sometimes you can’t believe what’s going on. I don’t mean what’s going on in your life (although I won’t dispute the bewilderment of it). I mean what can go in the realm of interior and furniture design. It makes me speechless. It makes me laugh a lot. It is all do to Joy and Janet the brain child(ren) behind Moggit. I have never seen such absurd design¬†asthetic and ideas (but thinking out of the box is always good) manifested for “everyday living?” Then the absurdity is coupled with Joy and Janet’s clever, succinct, and extremely humorous commentary. You should seriously not miss this blog. Moggit thankfully provides multiple¬†hilarious on a daily basis. While Moggitt is a relatively new blog, I hope it is around for a long time. Because every day should be a Moggitt day.

Check out the September 7, 2009 post Mmm-hmm that’s my favorite so far.


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