Post of the Day: Helping Women and Girls Around the World

What you can do to make a difference-the power of One

photo from heifer international

photo from heifer international

Today’s post is not about a great blog, with a funny theme, witty commentary or mouth-watering pictures. Today’s post is simply about how you can make difference in the world. Yes, you. Just you.  The power of you. I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking the world’s problems are far too great for little old me. I told myself I haven’t enough money or any great ideas. As I have matured I’ve discovered I have more than enough money to give, and great ideas that have not been acted upon. And that I, like you…are the “they” we always mention when we say “They should do something about that.” So here’s a small list of organizations that could use your time, talents, and money. Remember most of the world is not like the U.S. $20+ a month or a $65 micoloan can change a woman and her family’s life. I’ve put my money where my mouth is. Now I’m trying to put my talents there also. Won’t you? One man had an idea and a vision which gathered momentum, and now we mourn the loss of victims of the Holocaust to this day. Just think what You, one Good person can contribute to the world. (Hand of Hope)

Before contributing your time, money, and/or talents to any of these or other charities please do your due diligence and research the organization first so your experience is a  good one. Please if you have a blog…I humbly request that you make a post like this one (or reference to this one if you would like) to spread the word. All together we can make a tremendous difference.

Faithfully your’s,



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