Let’s have a cocktail

Faithful readers…I was under the weather on Sunday hence the lack of post, but today I thing we should sit and

Have a cocktail, please, it will make you and I feel better

Let's Have a Cocktail

Let's Have a Cocktail

Due to my current health status (notH1N1 related fyi) I’ll make this short but no less impressive. The best thing you could do at the end of the day is grab a drink (alcohol preferable @ least in my world) and read Let’s Have a Cocktail, the smart funny musings of Jenny Mac. Ms. Mac’s blog is a combination of food and drink recipes, heart warming and not so heart warming stories, and really funny observations. While the pictures accompanying her posts are not worthy of a coffee table book, they are more than appropriate, and in all actuality…insightful. Ms. Mac’s blog posts are generally longer then our busy lifestyles are used to in the blogosphere. But they are all well worth the almost daily read. I highly recommend Ms. Mac’s humorous Sept 28, & 30, 2009 posts (which will explain a lot about what college aged kids are learning, and who people believe Ms. Mac resembles) because after reading these you will not get enough of her. So sit down, relax, make your self comfortable, kick off your shoes, have a cigarette, and Let’s Have a Cocktail.



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5 responses to “Let’s have a cocktail

  1. dustjacket attic

    I will for sure, I’m a fan of JennyMac and her writing ~ so pleased you have reviewed her.

    Hope your feeling better soon,
    xx DJ

    • Danielle Shelton


      Thank you for the well wishes from last week. Boy this past week has been a whurl wind. Enough about me though. I was just on your site againa and saw your Monday (Oct. 12, 2009) post (it’ still sunday night here where I am). I love the editorial. The bright sunny setting and the great pastels of the dresses with the 50ish early 60’s style, it actually is making me long for summer again. It snowed in my neck of the woods this past weekend. Ugh!!!


  2. JennyMac is a fresh, fun-loving breath of air~

  3. Love the nod from you…I actually shared your link with my Mom.. you should have heard her. LOL.

    Thank you..sincerely.


  4. dustjacket attic

    Thanks for the kind words Danielle, so pleased you liked it.

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