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Everyone Loves a Wedding

joymygoodness blog image

joymygoodness blog image

You probably did not know this but, I got married a couple of months ago. Having been engaged for a significant period of time (but not so significant that people were saying, “They are never going to get married,”) I ran the gamut of wedding magazines, books, and blog sites. All of which unfortunately reinforced my idea of the small wedding (sans family, just two witnesses and a judge/man of God), which we had. But I wish I would have gone to Jomygoodness. I could have remembered that wedding colors don’t have to be traditional, and the shoes for the dress could be worn with any dress thereafter (look at the shoes to the right, don’ t they make you want to cry they’re so gorgeous!). Then Jo reminds us about the fun part after the wedding (and before for some) which is the cocktail hour(s)!? I think Thirsty Thursday is my favorite part of this blog (I only say that because I’m not planning a nuptial anymore). This little nugget will keep me coming back for more. I mean come on look at the

jomygoodness blog image of drinks: links to ingredients included

jomygoodness blog image of drinks: links to ingredients included

drinks to the left here, it makes me thirsty. Another nice added touch to the blog is the Week in Review where it is truly a cornucopia of wedding themed posts, magazine articles, DIYs, fashion, and recipes links with commentary. It appears that Jomygoodness has been around since August of 2008. I urge you check it out, whether your single, engaged, married, or longing, because Jomygoodness you’ll love it.



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2 responses to “Jo My Goodness

  1. dustjacket attic

    Oh I like the sound of this blog, will check her out for sure. Those shoes are gorgeous!

    Congrat’s btw on your recent nuptials.

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you for “revue’ing” my blog & your kind, kind words! =)

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