The Luxe Chronicles

“Intelligent Luxury”…yes it does make sense

the luxe chronicles blog image

the luxe chronicles blog image

I love it when I find an almost perfect blog for its genre. I say almost perfect, only because perfection is not manifested in anything or anyone. You may be asking, “What connotes (almost) perfect?” The Luxe Chronicles does for a start. Helene, the blogstress, has created that elusive combination of: subject knowledge, intelligent analysis, humor, esthetic, up-to-date information, and daily weekly postings (minus the weekends) about luxury goods. I’ve been a fan of The Luxe Chronicles for over a year now, and I believe Helene sums up her blog’s mission the best: “The Luxe Chronicles is a collection of interviews, profiles and musings on various aspects of the luxury industry and occasionally, a rant on our celebrity obsessed culture and the dumbing down of our collective sense of style and esthetic. I would like The Luxe Chronicles to be an honest discussion about luxury, not only as an industry but also as a concept and the blurring of the lines between consumption and style.” See, even her description is smart.  I simply cannot add to it, except to say that in a luxury obsessed culture we should know what we’re really being sold. It’s patriotic to love and want your luxury goods. It’s equally as patriotic to question their relevancy, their delivery, and their necessity.



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  1. Thanks for introducing this blog to me. It looks so interesting!

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