Garance Dore

French Women (nothing more need be said)

Garance Doré: the blogstress' illustration

Garance Doré: the blogstress' illustration

I have always wanted to have that “certain something” that French women are known for possessing and exhibiting on a daily basis. Since my name is french, I naively believed I could easily have it too. But I was wrong, but not unhopeful. I just have to study “it” and then apply “it,”  and Garance Dorè  will help me get “it”. I love this blog. The blogstress is a French woman, who is an illustrator and collaborator with French Vogue and the Gap who has her french blog translated to English. What I love is her inside access to: for example, the Editor of French Vogue (Carine Roitfeld), other famous French women (who I have yet to learn but will), Dolce and Gabbana (the men who make the label), and the runway shows (Paris, Milan, London, NYC). Then the blog gets even more loverly (if that’s even possible) when you add her Sartorialist like pictures of women on the street in Paris (and whatever city Garance is in that day) with commentary. After reading her site I am longing for the French allure. I am longing to dig into the depths of Garance’s archives. I am longing to be a constant visitor…and so will you.


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