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The City Sage blog image: L.A. Look

Where can you find: inspiring interiors (with links for item purchases) with made up commentary from the blogstress as if she is showing you her home; put together outfits (ala In Style magazine) and accessories with more links for purchase; inspiring city looks; apparel images along side seemingly similar inspired interiors; and a weekend list to keep the most ardent net surfer afloat…The City Sage of course. This fascinating blog has much to offer as indicated above. But its most endearing quality is the blogstress, who I imagine is Ms. Anne Sage (given the web address). Read her About section and you’ll instantly know what I mean. And it goes without saying,

The City Sage: Artwork to Room

The City Sage: Artwork to Room

of course, that The City Sage has captivating photography, posts almost daily during the week (only), and is always coming up with new innovative images to love and inspire. I really like The City Sage, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be telling you to give it a “Click.”



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4 responses to “The City Sage

  1. Thank you SO much for this glowing review! I’m so honored and glad you enjoy my blog 🙂

  2. I love The City Sage! Anne does such a great job of creating inspiring posts.

  3. Tammy Sage

    I couldn’t agree more about how fantastic “The City Sage” is! Anne Sage is truly a gifted individual!

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