Eddie Ross


Our Favorite Home Decor & Entertaining Magazines deconstructed and really Made Available to Us by a Master 

Eddie Ross blog image: A Vegetarian Lunch for six

Eddie Ross blog image: A Vegetarian Lunch for six

 Have I been in under a blogospheric rock? Don’t answer that. I have been enchanted with all things Martha Stewart, Traditional Home, Elle Decor, HGTV &c. (you get the similarities) since I can remember. And here in this world, this whole, time has been Eddie Ross. Who is Eddie Ross, you may be asking? Let me answer by saying, “You should also be asking, what is Eddie Ross?” First the who. Eddie Ross is a former Martha Stewart mag staffer, and all around decorator extraordinaire, residential style maker, floral designer and chef de jour. Those glossy magazine pages of perfectly decorated and embellished homes, and current HGTV Halloween block party entertaining and decorating ideas were conceived and created by Mr. Ross. Second, the what.  Eddie Ross is a blog where Mr. Ross gives us a behind the scenes look at the how, where and when those perfectly coiffed images are created. While it makes you lose a bit of hope in your ability to be the perfect decorator/host(ess)  because of all the dispelled myths, Mr. Ross swoops in and saves us. How? He still gives us the ability to learn how to do the most amazing holiday and basic decorating on a budget (i.e. have never read the words “dollar store” so much, or “flea market”).  Let me just close by saying, you cannot miss Eddie Ross…he’s the creative guy in the corner with all the best ideas.




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2 responses to “Eddie Ross

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the revue! I’m truly, truly honored!


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