Paris Breakfasts

Toutes les choses parisiennes (translated: All things Parisian?)

Paris Breakfast blog image
Paris Breakfasts blog image

 If you are interested in seeing the real side of Paris, and all that encompasses: food (out of this world pastries); people (not glamazons); dinner tables (with Parisian flare of course); restaurants; regular stores with hordes of shoppers off the charts about the sale (b/c everyone loves a good deal) &c. then look no further than Paris Breakfasts. This enthralling blog is created by a New Yorker who makes the most frequent guest appearances in The City of Lights. It’s a quirky look at Paris from an outsiders point of view…who clearly loves the city. Moreover, the blogstress commentary is very honest and regular (like you and me real). Some of my favorite entries are when she talks about taking pictures of people on the street like the Sartorialist but given her personality she takes pictures of the gentry from behind (because seriously, that’s what we all would do). If you’d like to see the best pastry porn of your life, look no further. It is here!!! And the readers of Paris Breakfasts get the pleasure of viewing and commissioning the blogstresses beautiful watercolor renderings. Here is my suggestion, everyone needs food, why don’t you start out your day with a Paris Breakfast(s).  


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