The Peak of Chic

Where yesterday meets today in the most stylish of ways

The Peak of Chic blog image
The Peak of Chic blog image

Living well, is an art. And not many people can innately do it, let alone do it really well. Often times it takes, study, advice, and observation. Luckily all of these things are inherent in one blog called The Peak of Chic. While it’s easy to think trends, sophistication, and style is a modern invention, Ms. Jennifer Boles, the blogstress, smartly knows that it is not. Modern chic(ness) has a past…a foundation, one that should be studied, emulated and then rightly juxtaposed against our modern-day elegance and aesthetic. The other thing that is so appealing about Ms. Boles’ blog is that it is not singularly focused on one genre. Rather, the blog hits all areas of chic(dom) from entertaining, interiors, books, people, art, and jewelry, fabric…&c. With all of these different topics it would be easy for The Peak of Chic to lack continuity of purpose and aesthetic, but it does not. Ms. Boles purposeful narrative is consistent no matter the subject matter. Now, given all that I have said, you should take a peak at The Peak of Chic.


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  1. Danielle,
    Thank you for the very kind review! I’m flattered to be included in such a stellar group of blogs!

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