A Chichi Life


Chichi: That is what this blog is

I don’t know about you, but I never heard of, nor did I know what the word chichi meant,  until I ran into this

A Chichi Life blog image
A Chichi Life blog image

fantastically smart and chichi blog (you’ll have to go to the blog to find out what chichi means), called A Chichi Life. This blog has some of the best Haute Couture pictures I’ve seen (click on the image and it get’s bigger and lovelier), but that is not the smart part. The blogstress, Tawney, has an extraordinary artistic, historical, and cinematic grasp which she uses as a comparison with the fashion before out eyes. Take the A Chichi Life blog image used in this post. The similarities between the Degas sculpture and the Giles Spring 2010 dress are uncanny. Does she have the direct line to the designer to ask what the inspiration was for the collection, or is she just that smart? I’m banking on smart. In some of Tawney’s post we get a brief (and not boring) fashion history lesson (see the similar styles between the Gossip Girl’s fashionable tights and Louis XIV’s-even my husband found the similarities amusing). While A Chichi Life is a new blog (since June 2009) and posting could be more frequent ( I only say that because it’s worth looking at everyday), it’s worth perusing because it’s simply chichi.


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