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Here is the Lingerie Standard…and no it’s not Vicky’s

Frou Frou Fashionista blog image
Frou Frou Fashionista blog image

As women, a great emphasis is placed on our physical appears, either by the media or by our individual selves. Quit often, we delay feelings of confidence and happiness until the mythical physic is attained. As I get older I know that as women our focus should shift from insecurity to feeling good. Once we make the decision to feel good and indulge with what makes us so, the externals follow naturally. I know there is no surer way to feel good than with sexy, beautiful lingerie and Frou Frou Fashionista is in full supply of this feel good tonic. Lingerie is the topic all the time as addressed by the blogstress Allison (who also owns, what else, a lingerie store with her mother called Faire Frou Frou). While the commentary regarding the posts could be more informative, and more links to the actual lingerie designer’s sites could be more plentiful, I still really like this blog. Firstly, because it provides a visual education as to the plethora of options available to women. Secondly, Allison’s blog has provided me with the names of lingerie designers and brands, I have to admit, I never knew existed.  Thirdly, she show cases lingerie on model thin women (we’re used to that) and normal sized women (that we’re not used to). Finally, she has taken an important fashion necessity and put it out in the open where it should be, for the masses. Lingerie is not a dirty word (although taking a look at some of the women in my club locker room you’d think it was), it’s the hidden expression of femininity and sexuality (that’s not a bad word either ladies) that creates the outward expression confidence.   



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2 responses to “Frou Frou Fashionista

  1. I just found your review of my blog – wow, thank you! You touched on the very reason I started my business, and that is to attempt to redefine lingerie. It is not a dirty word.
    Thank you so much!! I’m so glad I saw this. Great feedback.
    xox Alison

    • Danielle Shelton

      Alison: I am glad you liked the Revue. Your blog has literally opened my eyes to lingerie options…(there is something so sad about the fat that I did not know all those great options existed). Anyway, keep of the great work and I am now a frequent visitor. Please tell people about my blog if you get the chance I’d appreciate it. Make sure you are on Twitter so you can get more people interested in your store and blog…are you on Twitter?

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