Guest of a Guest

Sometimes you just want to know what the person is doing in the other room
even if it doesn’t enhance your life in any way

Guest of a Guest
Guest of a Guest, blog image

We all have them. They are the things that we know don’t necessarily increase our mental capacity or our emotional and spiritual growth. Rather they feed our salacious desire for gossip and longing for that grass on the other side. Here is my “thing,” it’s called Guest of a Guest. It reads like an on-line Hello Magazine of sorts. Only it is beholden to all things NYC and Hamptons: e.g. parties, people, restaurants, gossip, charity events. What is so delicious is that many famous people and socialites (…since PAP is on Life Support this is my new source) live in Apple. The daily posts read like an US or People Magazine and the pictures are similar, but no less oddly fascinating. make sure to read the About section of the blog, the profiles are quite humorous. However, like I’ve said before, every now and then you need your mind candy just make sure you get it from a Guest of a Guest.


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