The Alexis [Stewart] Blog

Brash, independent, uncensored, potty mouthed, baker whose  mother is the queen of perfected domesticity, really

Alexis Stewart (left) with co-host Jennifer on the "Whatever, Martha!" set: Picture from New York Magazine
Alexis Stewart (left) with co-host Jennifer on the “Whatever, Martha!” set: Picture from New York Magazine

You may have thought that I went Life Support on you, but alas I did not. In fact, during this short time away I escaped to the land of the famous, independent, and familial(ly)¬†connected. I went to Alexis Stewart’s blog. I’ve been going there for the better part of 1.5 years now. It’s well worth the trip. Yes, Ms. A. Stewart is her mother’s offspring (Martha Stewart for you all pop culturally challenged), but she is also her antithesis. If you love to bake, you’ll love this blog…Ms. A. Stewart bakes with compulsion. If you love seeing how other’s live…she shows you her home and then some. If you love brash, independent, uncensored, no holds bar women (that’s what I love) Ms. A. Stewart’s blog is the place for you. There is something extremely refreshing about someone who lives how they want, talks how they want, and shows what they want, when they want to without¬†ulterior motive. The best part is she’s the daughter of one of the most famous women in the world. But don’t be in awe of Ms. A. Stewart’s DNA, she’s a standout all on her own.



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21 responses to “The Alexis [Stewart] Blog

  1. One of my very favorite blogs! Martha must be proud of her ‘little girl’!

  2. Andrea

    The funny thing about is that her fans rush to defend her from any “mean” comments that appear on the blog. Ironic, because Ms. Stewart does NOT hesitate to trash people on her show for being lame and/or “ugly”. Latest victim Ivanka Trump who Alexis saw at a party. Did you know she’s apprantly hideously ugly? Go figure.

    • Danielle Shelton

      Although I have never met Ms. Trump it would suffice to say that I and Ms. Stewart would probably have a difference of opinion in that regard. As an avid baker I like her blog, as for the mean stuff…I choose to ignore it. However, look at some of the comments she has received…I have seen some rather rude and nasty ones from readers aimed at her. It appears that she can dish it and take it as well.

  3. Was she/he well-behaved?

  4. Jen

    I just saw Ms Alexis Stewart being interviewed on Martha’s new show…how rude, and obnoxious she(Alexis) is!! She couldn’t politely answer questions, couldn’t politely contribute to the conversation…I felt sorry for Martha and embarrassed for her, that her daughter thinks the sun rises and sets on her self. I will NEVER watch Ms A Stewart’s show..why would anyone bother!!

  5. Joan Davidson,Ph.d

    A daughter who is publicly rude to her mother, curses at her and calls her the “names of th decade” names is not to be admired or respected. WHo cares WHAT she bakes or how she—of wealth-on-a plate—decorates her home or her potty mouth?
    Do not seek psychological explanations or justifications, folks. Some little girls wish to remain big little girls.

    • Marcia

      Possibly you are correct Ms. Davidson.

      Alexis could be hurting. Her mother has huge issues re parenting. Most likely, carried over from Martha’s mother/father.

      Often when one feels incomplete, these are the behaviors that they can display. Personally, I think Alexis does all of these things because her mother enjoys it. Excellent advertisment for products!

      Now that Alexis is a first-time mom, the future will reveal if Alexis realizes the seriousness of her implications. Everything that she said past tense. Maybe this is why she decided to forgo being in the public.

  6. Dawn

    Alexis is rude and uneditted. This is how she wants to be known and what she has created as her “branding” that is distinct from her mother. Sad really. Another step down from the progress of women kind. Too bad.

  7. AWESOME JUDE NURSERY, I SO ENJOY JEN AND ALEXIS. BOTH LADIES MAKE ME FEEL NORMAL. OMG I just typed almost this whole msg in caps. Lol forgive me and laugh. Im not re-typing. Hugs and Kisses from this Lady in the South. Nancy

  8. ann

    i quit listening to whatever with Jennifer and Alexis for a long time now i really enjoy the show without Alexis “attitude” i hope Jennifer keeps it real shes so funny Alexis you need a wakeup call!!!!!

    • Danielle Shelton

      It amazes me how many people comment on Alexis Stewart Blog Revue. What I find is you either love her or hate her. There seems to be no in between for people.

      • Marcia

        Yeah. Probably. But, we {{heart}} Alexis. She is very funny. Very entertaining. Not fake like her mother.

  9. Lauren

    Has anyone found out anything about Alexis Stewart’s new blog? I have checked periodically under but do not see anything.

  10. Judy

    Does anyone know where Alexis new blog is?

    • lauren

      Nothing yet. I thought her old site said to look for something in a week or two but it has been much longer than that. Perhaps she has changed her mind. I, for one, will miss her having her information and recpes on a new site.

      • Danielle Shelton

        You can still follow her at @alexisgstewart on Twitter. She tweets every now and again…but not often and no recipes.

  11. Jen

    Alexis, Stop badmouthing and judging your mother. You are a Mother? Your kids will return the favor…by publicly humiliating you. Truly, you are a no mannered little 46 year old BRAT..find a better way to make a living than trash talking your mother!

  12. Marcia

    Aww … we are really missing Alexis. Loved all her food creations! Even better than her mama’s!!

    Sooo …. what happened? Does anyone really know why Alexis left her radio show + blog this past summer? Not because of Jude. I wouldn’t think so. We miss her. If you are listening …… do something for your fans Alexis!

    Ohmygosh …. who wrote that post on 10/2/11????? Another Jen. Would never be JKH ….. Alexis BFF. Not a nice paragraph.

    Well ….. our guess is, that what is in Alexis new book is truthful. Maybe she is trying to convey these important messages (of reality) to her ma. That doesn’t make Alexis a brat. She could be hurting from those childhood experiences. Unless you’ve walked in her shoes ….. shut up folks.

  13. Marcia

    Danielle …..

    Hi. Very happy & excitied that I found your blog!! Cannot wait to read everything. What a fantastic way to let us busy-bodies know what’s (really) what! THANKS.

    • Danielle Shelton Walczak

      Thanks Marcia! I think you hit on one of the untold reasons why I started this blog. I too am a busy-body. : )

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