Second City Soiree

Second City Soiree

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Everyone likes a good party, especially this time of year. That is what the Christmas season is all about, parties and merriment with friends and family. If you need entertaining advice about what food to serve, hostess gifts to give, and general entertaining know-how then visit the Second City Soiree. This blog, created by Jen Luby is informative, easy to read, and even easier to follow. My favorite part, this holiday season, is her 12 Days of Cocktails (check it out, and then drink up). Don’t let the fact that the term “Second City” applies to Ms. Luby’s place of residence, Chicago, turn you off to this blog gem. While some posts may have references to Chicago and their offerings, the majority of the posts are useful entertaining information for all of us, no matter where we hail from. So please take a look at Second City Soiree, even if it’s only for the sake of your home bar, because entertaining assistance this time of year is a must.


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