Perfectly Disheveled

The confusion, guilt, exasperation, and mostly humor of motherhood

Perfectly Disheveled blog header image
Perfectly Disheveled blog header image

Sometimes I get frustrated with talking with mothers. A lot of time I feel they are hiding a big secret: the secret being that this thing call motherhood is fraught with emotions stemming from love, annoyance, sleep deprivation, identity crisis, and humor, but not perfection. When you keep a secret, many people want to know it, but they rarely want to be a part of it. If you read for one second Perfectly Disheveled you’ll know the cat is out of the bag. Jennifer Brandt Herschko a.k.a. J-Ko, is the working mother (in the field of Reality T.V. in L.A.) of a two-year old. Ms. Herschko’s life in a nutshell is comical. When I first read this blog I literally laughed out loud and continue to do so. Maybe it’s comical because of her exquisite humorous writing style, the fact that her son’s blanket which was tossed in the toilet suddenly became “ass ridden” (her words not mine), or the touching and heartwarming ode to her bangs. As her blog title suggests, yes, she’s a tad bit disheveled (but my question is, really who isn’t). While she posts quite regularly and has for a long-time she has periods of MIA for about 10+ days (one of which she is in now at the time of this post. So it’s a perfect time for you to catch up on the blog), but I always have faith of Ms. Herschko’s return. If you’re tired of reading about perfect people, in perfect clothes, with perfect kids, making perfect money, with perfect pictures attached, read Perfectly Disheveled, it’s your life only with the insight and humor you may or may not have. She even makes you consider joining the mommy club if you’re not already a member.


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  1. Danielle, Thank you soooo much for the awesome review. I promise I’ll be back soon. Check back tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I promise, I’m still here! Pretty soon I’ll be breaking some big news that will take my Disheveled meter to a whole new level…
    Thanks for reading me!
    Jenny a.k.a J-Ko

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