When Pigs Fly


It’s like the NY Times Op-ed section, only not like the NY Times OP-ed exactly, but dead-on with an underlying tone of humor

When Pigs Fly blog header

When Pigs Fly blog header

I’m usually not one for any reading that is longer than two paragraphs, unless it’s a novel or a magazine article, but certainly not a blog. This is because in my overly scheduled life, time is anything but on my side, despite what the Rolling Stones promised me.  But I make an exception to my two paragraph rule with When Pigs Fly. The blogstress, a fellow Minnesotan (no I’m not biased or anything) has a great knack for observation. When observation is coupled with really good writing, with an underlying tone of dark and dry humor…well you have a winner. If you’re a fan of any op-ed page or just the Onion you’ll like our blogstress’ style. Her posts are longer, but well worth putting aside our ADD for three-five whole minutes. So pour a drink, get ready to read and opinion about something you may or may not have already been thinking about…and think When Pigs Fly.


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