New York Portraits

The City through The Camera

New York Portraits: Grand Central Market
New York Portraits: Grand Central Market

You have no idea how this blog is a very fortuitous find. My husband a few weeks ago suggested I review a blog focusing on photography. I stated I had not found one that I really liked to review. However, I then found New York Portraits. While there is much to experience with this blog, I’ll make this review simple, short and pleasing. The blogstress Kitty captures The City perfectly. She not only captures the beautiful typography of NYC and it’s architecture, but also what makes New York…New York, and that is the people and how they live. While the blogstress’ camera also focuses on different parts of the county, depending on where she finds her next vacation, NYC is her target and she portrays it lovingly and beautifully. Kitty’s commentary, while not a necessary component to her posted art work, are charming. And they give the reader a nice insight into the blogstress’ personality.  The very minor rub with this blog is that the pictures can appear very slightly blurry on the blog. However once you click on the picture itself you’ll be taken to Flicker where they appear clear as day. So if you want to be in The City everyday of week, whether you live there or not, I suggest you visit New York Portraits, images you soon won’t forget.


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