It’s about Celebrating all things Worth Celebrating

The 50th Revue…that can’t be overlooked

50th post

50 Great Blogs have been Revued!!

In a world were it appears so little is celebrated, unless it’s really momentous (whatever that means), but much is complained about, I’ve vowed to take a different course with Blog Revue. The idea was and continues to be simple.  Peoples’ creativity, wittiness, knowledge, wisdom, and most importantly effort should be celebrated and acknowledged. While I strive to do this weekly for others, today I’m going to do it for myself. As of December 9, 2009 Blog Revue had its 50th Revue. I’m quit excited and proud of this little entity I’ve created. I sincerely look forward to the next 50 Revues. However, be warned, I’m tempted to celebrate again at the 75th post because I’m not ashamed to say, I like, needand want the reward.


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