The Selby: Is in Your Space

A Great Pictorial Blog that gives the Sartorialist a Run for his Money 

The Selby Ines_Fressange picture by Todd Selby
The Selby: Ines Fressange, picture by Todd Selby

Every now and again I am reminded about how much I do not know despite my diligent efforts. And every now and again I have to ask myself, despite my efforts with this blog, whether I live under a blogospheric rock. The Selby by Todd Selby made me contemplate those unsettling questions and more. This is by far one of my favorite blogs since my “discovery” of it. It encompasses my favorite things, people (“famous” or otherwise…makes no difference to me), their homes or creative work spaces, their stuff, and photography. Mr. Selby’s photography makes the subjects captivating. Date, place, person, and space are all the descriptions you get in this blog (and that is all that is needed). Click on the main picture and you get many more regarding the subject. I was so captivated by Mr. Selby’s blog  that I underwent my own mini-research project of him. He is fascinating. To find out about this very interesting photographer and his inspiration for The Selby visit the New York Magazine article from January 2009. If you are at all interested in great photography and how and what people are inspired by visit The Selby: Is in Your Space.


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