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Femme Femme Femme
Femme Femme Femme blog image: Self Portrait by Julie Heffernan 1956-

Hello all, I hope you had a Happy Christmas and survived the whirlwind prior to, I know that I did.

Christmas for most evokes an inner eye for the beauty of life, people and their surroundings. I would argue that art provides that opportunity on a daily basis. One of the best ways to see beauty on a daily basis, created by people, based on life and surroundings, absent going to a museum, is Femme Femme Femme.  This blog provides some of the most beautiful paintings, sculptures, photographs &c. in one place encompassing a cornucopia of styles and artists from different time periods and countries throughout the world. While the commentary for each post is in French, it is not necessary to be able to read French, and still enjoy this blog. As a long time lover of art, Art History major and Docent in a previous life, art is really about what you see and what feeling it evokes in you. Yes, the history and circumstances of a particular subject is interesting…but it’s cursory. Art exists to illicit a response…many responses, from the many individual observers. This is the depth that art should evoke. What is so fascinating, is that this depth has no social, political, economic, gender or age barriers. It is simply for the masses to be interpreted by the masses. Yet, we often forget this. So visit Femme Femme Femme and enjoy art for art’s sake.

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