Call it! Park Avenue Peerage’s…

time of death January 3, 2010

I like to start New Year with a clean slate, despite the ensuing heartache it may entail. My favorite socialite blog has been weighing heavily on my mind, especially this holiday season and since I put it on Life Support in November of 2009. Despite my constant three-time a week vigil…a las I think I have to call it. The last post for the socialite blog was September 24, 2009 over three months ago. While I’m hopeful in heart, I can’t ignore the reality of the situation. Bloggers blog. A three-month absence with no explanation in site on the blog or other place in the blogosphere can be a death sentence-is a death sentence. While I have batted around the possibility of a faux death in exchange for increased publicity, I cannot seriously walk down that dark and traitorous road. I miss my beloved Park Avenue Peerage everyday. I will be hosting a Wake for it, hoping against hope that in fact the blog will awake as was the original intent of post-mortem tradition. All I have to ask is: who, if I am correct, will take the socialite helm in the blogosphere if PAP is really gone?



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2 responses to “Call it! Park Avenue Peerage’s…

  1. Parker

    James posted his last on PAP on March 10, 2010, confirming that he was closing the site.

  2. Mary

    James, the guy that ran PAP, he thought the whole thing was a joke. Don’t be too upset. He dropped out of U of I because he thought he was so important, got addicted to drugs, and fell of the face of earth and my blackberry contacts list.

    rejoice in his departure, maybe he’ll get his life together, finally.

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