What is James Wearing?


What is James Wearing? Only the most stylish clothes to go to the most stylish places.

James Andrew at the Frick collection

What is James Wearing? James Andrew at the Frick Collection

I want to tell you a story. It is about a blog about a man named James Andrew.  His life is about style. He and his friends create style. He goes to stylish places. He dresses stylishly…oh so stylishly…which makes you ask, What is James Wearing, today? However, it would be simplistic for me to describe Mr. Andrew is just an interior designer with a blog focused on what he is wearing on any given day. In fact, he and the blog are more than that. Clearly he is a fashionisto (notice the masculine ending “o” as oppose to the letter “a” for fashionista), hence the title of his blog. However, his posts (and his About section) illuminate  his love for life in general, the city in which he lives, the profession in which he works, the creativity of friends, and just beautiful objects in general. The title of the blog is extremely misleading in that the blog itself has so much more depth and interest to it. Mr. Andrew is a fun man to follow. So while it may seem that knowing what James is wearing is trival…trust me it is not.


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  1. But could he pull off a green bathrobe? Yeah, probably, he looks pretty cool.

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