An Aesthete’s Lament

Learning Personal Panache from the People who have or had it.

The Aesthete Lament
The Aesthete’s Lament: Dolores (left) and Gloria Guinness (right)

It is so very easy to want to be and live like others. It seems that it starts in middle school and transverse our upper school years straight through adulthood. However, the ones we so want to emulate, the ones whose lives, looks and breeding we desire have something we refuse to duplicate, because it cannot be. Individuality. An Aesthete’s Lament is a testament, a how-to, and nudge to creating a life uniquely designed and authenticated by…you. The premise is clear, never seek to duplicate what is on its pages but use the muse (whether a person, concept, or thing) to innovate your life…all portions of it. You are the creator, not the copier. But you must have the mindset for such, as so eloquently put by the Lamentor. Therefore, if you possess this all too rare knowing I suggest you get very uniquely inspired and acquainted with the people and places shown by An Aesthete’s Lament.


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  1. I just discovered this paean today and wanted to thank you very much for it.

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