Planet Awesome Kid 

The Sartorialist for Children, No Doubt 

Planet Awesome Kids

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I don’t blog about family oriented sites enough. I certainly do not blog about children often, despite having been one and seeing them everywhere. I realize this.  I do have an opinion about them though…and here it is. Nothing is more enjoyable than a toddler. A child’s joie de vivre is infectious, actually enviable. So what happens when you take a toddler’s joie de vivre, add it with street fashion, and sprinkle in Sartorialist like photography? You get Planet Awesome Kid created by Julia Samersova. It’s a chronicle of street fashion for children with links to the various sites of where the children’s items are from (don’t worry you will not be inundated with high-priced childrens’ labels). Equally as important is the general tone of the blog that lends homage to how great kids are, based on the fundamental premise that they are who they are and who they decide to be (like a fairy or a fireman) and nothing else, and they enjoy it (no self loathing here). The site has dabs of information about international childrens’ issues and organizations, and interviews with children’s illustrators. Yes, this is site about children, and it is great. So if you have children, know other’s children, or want to help children take a spaceship to Planet Awesome Kid.


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  1. That is so awesomely cute! I can see that kid has his “magnum” look down pat…if only he would show us the “blue steel” he’s been working on…

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