Where blogging and a regular gal with fashion sense and style meet

The blogstress Catie Nienaber: wearing vintage YSL Rive Gauche (Jacket); Banana Republic (pants): Monolo Blahnik (shoes)

Blogs are the new glossies (“magazines” for you style challenged). I keep saying this. And their presentation and content prove me right (or the person who originally coined this idea). But I’m longing for old school blogs again.  Witty writers willing to share the intersection of their passion and life, sans millionaire blogging goals. While some of you may be thinking, “Not interested,” you should be. Cuffington is one of those blogs. The blogstress Catie Nienaber is a delight to read. She is a witty writer and her use of street slang is an unexpected, content related, nice surprise. Her real strength is her passion for fashion, but not in that obvious regurgitate glossy editorial pictures or fashion show frames way (although a few blogs do really well with that). Rather, she takes fashion and styles it (very well) on herself, in her own way, which fits into her own life (sans stylist…hello…ahh…every celebrity). But like all good blogs she’s more than that. She has that je ne sais quoi (“I know not what“) that mandates a revue, by you, of Cuffington.


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